Handles are more than just a piece of furniture. They are the personalized detail that creates character and appeal.

Rujz design d.o.o. has been present on the market since 1991 and we have been working together for more than thirty years to produce and sell furniture handles and decorative hardware.

In the beginning, we mainly covered the needs of the Slovenian and Yugoslav market but soon expanded abroad. The share of exports now already exceeds 50% of the total production and sales. Daily we produce between 15 and 20,000 handles or components for decorative hardware. 

We are present throughout Europe, in almost every country we have a representative or an authorized sales person who is responsible for keeping our partners informed on the latest news and takes care of other, smaller partners to have an access to our wide range of products even in small quantities and within reasonable delivery times.


From the very beginning, our focus is on the development and production of decorative furniture hardware, particularly furniture handles. We also offer coat hangers, shelf bearers, furniture legs and other furniture accessories.

Our mix of products comprises a wide variety of materials and finishes – metals, wood, and plastic. Combinations of materials create a special character and appeal.


Our product program is constantly expanding. Development takes place within the company as well as in cooperation with outside designers from the industry. We are focused on innovative solutions that make our brand rd Rujzdesign recognized in its field.

The time from an idea, sketches, drafts, samples, die-cast mold creation, and finally, serial production, has been shortened significantly. CAD technology has enabled quick and precise product development, hand in hand with the wishes and demands of architects and designers. Our samples are modified and adjusted until we reach a perfect solution.

We realize that development in itself is not enough. Excellent organization and synchronization of production and logistics are needed in order to distribute products that satisfy you with quality as well as with delivery times. Our production is backed by a team of experts, associates, and partners with a common goal – to satisfy you, our customer. 



Renovated and adapted for its speciality aluminium galvanization, as well as steel, inox and brass

The company is specialized in decorative component coatings, visible parts of products requiring high attention to detail through the galvanizing process. rd Galvanic coatings offers additionally an in house robotic polishing service.

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