Sales points of our products are elaborated with special presentation panels

The presentation module is intended for presentation and self-service sell. It can be assembled in one, two, three or even multipart modules, depending and according to the needs and wishes of each sales point.

The 3D sales system is one of the more extensive presentations of the program as a whole, based on the basic sales module. It is intended for larger sales rooms with a combined, classic or self-service mode of sale.

The show panel is designed to present a limited part of the program. Usually, we use it for fairs, shows and other short presentations. It is also suitable to present our program in a smaller sells rooms. It is easy to present, replace items and it takes up little space.

Presentation panels A3 and A4 are intended to present a limited scope or one type of handles. We use them as a self-contained part or in a set with a presentation case which is especially useful for presenting on the field.

Table leg joint 2116 presentation includes all components of the mechanism in various surface finishes, sizes and variations and aluminium table legs in all sizes and various finishes. A presentation sample of a table plate with the attached system is included for a fast an easy display of the systems' functionality.

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