Apart from offering completed furniture handles, table legs and other accessories, Rujz Design offers its knowledge and know how in other fields as well.


Galvanic surface treatment is a great way to increase the visual appeal of any part as well as protect it from corosion and other damaging proceses.

Our galvanization offers quick and reliable high quality finishes such as chrome, nickel, black nickel and stainless steel for aluminium and steel parts.

Do you wish to restore your favorite motorcycle to its former glory? We can help you with that!

 Custom projects

Do you already have an idea and you are only looking for someone to realize it?

With our experience we can help you realize a vast variety of projects ranging from a handle of your own design and modified standard handles, all the way to decorating entire rooms in your invisioned design. 

As a picture can mean more than a thousand words, we invite you to check the ones below for a better presentation of the quality and span of products we are able to produce.